Jumpy Bug

Jumpy Bug 0.0043

Take to the skies in this cloud-surfing game


  • Simple, fun gameplay
  • Smart graphics


  • Gets a bit repetitive
  • Ads


Of all the critters in the garden, the ladybug was always my favorite. Imagine my delight then at being able to pretend to be one of these colored insects in the game Jumpy Bug.

The object of Jumpy Bug is to get as high as possible by jumping from cloud to cloud. This sounds a lot easier than it is, because the clouds are constantly moving, and if you miss a jump it could result in you losing a life. What's more, there are countless enemy bugs lurking around that you need to dodge when making your leaps.

Jumpy Bug is one of those games that's simple and yet dangerously addictive. So, expect to miss the bus plenty of times while you're waiting at the stop playing this game. The graphics in Jumpy Bug are cute and colorful, making for an all-round fun and friendly gaming experience.

The only blights on the game are that it is gets a little repetitive after a while, and that you have to endure an ad offering every time you start a new game.

On the whole though, you'll have plenty of fun bouncing around in Jumpy Bug.

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Jumpy Bug


Jumpy Bug 0.0043

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